Gwendolyn Evans, artist and healer
Gwendolyn Evans
Artist and muse... who happens to be blind

Gwendolyn the Healer

I “see” with my intuition and I have been reading energy around people places and things all my life. I am an intuitive, energy healer and channeler. People drawn to my work have had some positive sense of the energy that connects us all. They are curious and want to become more aware of intuition and the unseen world. I have been channeling and working with Mother Earth since 2001. As she describes herself, she is the spirit of our living planet, and comes through me to offer wisdom and guidance for anyone. All of the work I do is guided by Mother Earth and very much inspired by our connections with her.

My Services Include:

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Gwendolyn Evans
Artist, Intuitive, & Healer

Gwendolyn Evans


Gwendolyn, the Artist

I am an artist working in acrylics and clay, creating both hanging art and 3-D sculptures. I also create handcrafted jewelry and figurines. My customers are people who are drawn to my artwork and my personal story, and who enjoy the sense of spirit, whimsy and imagination behind each piece.

I am an artist who happens to be blind. I have a real sense of energy within color and I consciously use color to create deeper expression in my art.

Accessibility Consulting

I offer consulting to artists, arts programs and galleries to help provide better accessibility to the arts for blind and visually impaired people. With my background as a disability advocate, and also because I am an artist, I can help create bridges in accessibility to the arts.

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