Gwendolyn Evans, artist and healer
Gwendolyn Evans
Artist and muse... who happens to be blind

Artist's Statement

I am an artist who happens to be blind.  I was introduced to polymer clay in a body image workshop for women, during which we were asked to use polymer clay to create an image of ourselves.  I had not used any kind of clay since I was a small child.  Not only did I find it to be an enjoyable experience, but to my surprise, people in my workshop loved my sculpture.  So I was inspired to go out and buy some polymer and begin exploring and found that it opened up a whole new path for me.  From that point on, art became one of my tools for self transformation and expression, and has become my passion which I want very much to share with the world.

For several years I created small sculptures, goddesses, angels, magical creatures and animals; without any training or knowledge.  I simply hand-built by feel and intuition, and found myself rediscovering the art of play.  A few years later I began to have the urge to paint.  At first I thought that this would be impossible because I am blind, but the urge kept haunting me and I began to dream about painting.  I finally talked to an artistic friend who supported me by referring me to some art lessons.  I took some private art lessons on and off for a few years, in which I learned some basics of painting.  I learned to trust my intuition when it comes to creating, as well as the principles of art and ways of exploring painting in a non-visual way.  I had to learn how to adapt my process to my blindness- and revive my memories of the color wheel. 

I have a real sense of energy within color and I consciously use color to create deeper expression in my art.  I continue to explore different types of clay and acrylic media to combine them in scenes and abstract patterns.  Texture and color are emphasized heavily in my work to create truly multi dimensional and spiritual expressions.

My primary source of inspiration is the natural world.  Mother Earth was our first art teacher; color, texture, form and shape all originate in nature. I enjoy discovering the textures in the garden, the myriad shapes of flower petals and leaves, or the remarkable textures of tree bark.  All inspire me to try reproducing these colors and textures in my work.  Some of my works are whimsical representations of plants and nature spirits from the unseen world.  I also tap into the archetypes of mythology and folklore, such as the images of the Sacred Feminine as represented in many ancient cultures.  My own personal relationship to the Earth and to Spirit shows up in all of my art, whether I’m working on a textural landscape or an abstract study of color and geometrics.

Fire Cove Painting