Gwendolyn Evans, artist and healer
Gwendolyn Evans
Artist and muse... who happens to be blind

Intuitive Energy Healing

I am an energy healer, working through intuition and Universal Life Force energy to facilitate healing for people and the planet, and I teach classes in these techniques.  I’ve been working with energy as a healer and teacher for years, and people who are drawn to this work are people who have had some positive, if not vague, sense of the energy that connects us all.  And people who are curious and want to be more aware of the Earth as a living being. 

Readings & Healing Sessions
Working with Mother Earth, she is the spirit of our living planet, and comes through my voice to offer wisdom and guidance for anyone.  People often seek private channeling or healing sessions with me to regain a sense of balance and harmony within their mind, body and spirit. 

Private and group channeling sessions with  Mother Earth
I offer private or group channeling sessions by appointment.

Energy Healing
Hands-on healing method to facilitate the healing power of Universal Life Force energy for individuals and some pets.

In the Garden with Mother Earth
What is your backyard saying?  Reading and communicating with garden spaces...
I work with Mother Earth in assisting people to become aware of the many ways the Earth can speak to us, if we learn how to listen to her.

The School of Earth Centered Healing
My classes offer an opportunity to explore the energetic body, and the unseen world in deep ways.  Three levels of classes on working with intuition and Universal Life Force energy for the purpose of healing one’s self, other people, and our planet .

For an in-depth description of The School of Earth Centered Healing click here »

For more information about classes, private sessions, energy healing or channeling, contact me:  
or by phone  802-879-2706

Gwendolyn in her garden