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Gwendolyn Evans
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The School of Earth Centered Healing

I’ve spent the past decade assisting people to tune into a deeper, more conscious  relationship within themselves and with our planet Earth.  In following my path of teacher and healer, I’m constantly reminded of the need to keep up with my own healing and spiritual practices in order to maintain my health and well being.  As I attune myself to the energies of our planet, and open myself up to being a voice to channel Mother Earth, I learn over and over again of our planet’s own intrinsic desire to achieve connection and harmony with all beings who inhabit Her.  Now, more than ever we need Her, and the Earth needs us.

The basis for all healing is unconditional love and every person, thing or place is in essence that same energy of unconditional love.  In the current times of change and challenge, I am being led to help people connect more meaningfully with their own inherent healing and empowerment.  The School of Earth Centered Healing is a culmination of my work in energy healing techniques, Earth-based spiritual practices, and wisdom and guidance from Mother Earth Herself.  The foundational principle of this School is one of connection and grounding with ones self and the Earth being, without whom life cannot be sustained. 

This is new methodology in the field of energy healing.  Recognizing that there are many, many paths and methods of healing and empowerment, this course work holds the sacred value of oneness and unity, and honors all the healing methodologies as part of the unifying force of unconditional love.  This path is not about one method being better or more powerful than another.  Instead this course work brings the unifying principle of Life Force energy into every day life as a means to be in right relationship with the self, the Earth, and be in healing service to all beings.

Level one:  THE energetics of self care

Throughout our life journey we tend and care for our bodies, and strive for clarity and balance with our mind and emotions.  So too do we need to become aware and take care of our personal energy.  Our energy system is the purest essence of who we are, an energy that can be expanded beyond the physical body and is connected to and interactive with the energy bodies of all other beings.  How do we navigate through the current extreme energetic fluctuations of our world?  How can we become more tuned in and sensitive to our energy body, and learn to keep balance and health flowing on all levels of our lives?

This first level course will guide students in the process of cultivating conscious awareness of their own energy body and developing a practice of deep grounding with the Earth.  Students will learn to expand their intuition and do hands on energy healing for self care to attune and balance their personal energy field.  Knowing your own energy body, as you know your physical body is increasingly important as more and more people become impacted by changes on the planet.  Cultivating deep awareness of the energy systems, practicing deep grounding into the Earth’s nourishing energy, learning your own energetic patterns of strengths and weaknesses, and developing the use of tools and techniques to strengthen your own energy system is critical for healers, intuitives, and everyone on this planet.  This first level class is the foundational support for furthering any healing path.

Level 2  Healing Our Energetic Connection with Mother Earth

Once our ancient ancestors lived in harmony with the cycles of nature, but in our time we experience disconnection in the face of dire planetary consequences.  As we seek to heal ourselves, we also need to seek healing for our planet.  Healing our planet requires that we come into right relationship with this Earth being.

This class explores what students learned about their personal energy system in the broader context of our relationship to our planet.  Participants will work in groups to explore awareness of the Earth as not only a being that sustains our physical bodies, but as a conscious living being with whom we must heal our relationship with. 

Students will gain a deeper understanding of how our energy and the Earth’s own planetary energy interacts together.  Students will learn tools for consciously connecting with the Earth and nature spirits, use dowsing to “read” planetary energy, how to live in harmonious connection by honoring natural cycles. Through ceremony and conscious connection, students will learn to create sacred space and direct energy healing to the landscape.

Level 3  Energy for All

Becoming a healer is not only about creating  a healing practice, but also using the skills, strengths and gifts to maintain balance on the journey of life.  To complete this final course in The School of Earth Centered Healing, students will learn to balance being a human with being a healer, with special attention to recognizing, articulating and fostering your own unique gifts.

We will continue to use the tools and concepts from Levels 1 and 2.  Students will incorporate these tools and pursue their own unique style to help facilitate healing and positive energy for the good of others.  We will work on humans, plants, landscapes, and animal beings to facilitate universal healing and harmony while maintaining a balanced life.

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